SOMS Molecular

SOMS Molecular aims to train students in the basics of fundamental research, introducing fields such as molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, biophysics and more

How exactly do we do that?

All medical students are welcome to attend our conferences & workshops. At COMPASS you will be guided through the steps of your first Polymerase Chain reaction. QUBICLE offers a hands-on introduction to the most commonly performed techniques in biochemistry laboratories, including hormone dosage. BRS is a course on critical reading, how to interpret a scientific article and research statistics. At our Journal Clubs, a scientific coordinator introduces a new topic every edition and three presentations held by medical students further expand on it.

In addition, we also offer summer opportunities through the SHARE project, which takes place at the Victor Babeș National Institute, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases „Prof. Dr. Matei Balș” and other locations throughout Bucharest.

Our Departments