SOMS Cardiovascular

Cardiovascular medicine and its many approaches can be challenging to keep up with – minimally invasive techniques, pharmacological treatments and revolutionary surgical procedures make up the general treatment of heart and circulatory diseases. However, the latest trends show that this specialty is on the verge of shifting towards direct prevention and precision treatment. SOMS Cardiovascular aims to cover the latest methods used in modern medicine through a series of workshops and informative conferences.

ICPS is recommended for pre-clinical students who are interested in basic knowledge of cardiology and its practical applications in clinical medicine. It covers the pathophysiology of the heart and notions of ECG using interactive debates. On a more advanced scale, PACE is dedicated to the world of arrhythmology.

SOMS Cardiology Summer School is the latest project organised by SOMS Cardiovascular team. It consists of an entire week of clinical rounds and cardiology workshops that allow you to explore the heart from all points of view; here you will learn heart anatomy, physiology, electrophysiology, echocardiography, cardiac surgery etc.

SOMS Cardiovascular will prepare you with the necessary skills and resources to become a true master of clinical cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, and arrhythmology! If you somehow miss out on any event, we also organize special editions of our workshops for MEDICS!

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