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Founded in 1987, SOMS is the only student organisation that is interested exclusively in scientific activities. Ever since its establishment, SOMS participated actively in the scientific community by carrying monthly Scientific Communication Sessions, national and international lectures, as well as by developing workshops for students to enhance their scientific abilities, such as Basic Research Skills, one of our regular workshops.

Distinguished SOMS founding and honorific members stand as proof of the permanent commitment to science of our organisation. Amongst them, we would like to mention: Prof. Dr. Mihail Coculescu, Prof. Dr. Corin Badiu, Prof. Dr. Ileana Constantinescu, Prof. Dr. Miron Bogdan, Prof. Dr. Leon Zagrean, Prof. Asoc. Dr. Mircea Ivan, Dr. Mihai Moldovan, Acad. Laurentiu M. Popescu, and many others.

SOMS has contributed to scientific congresses from as early as 1993, when it took part in the organization of the Scientific Congress of Medical Students from Sinaia and continued the collaboration in 1994, 1998 and 2003 by helping with the organisation of the Scientific Congress of Medical Students in Bucharest. We further designed our main event – the Medical International Conference for Students (MEDICS) – in order to make sure that science enlightens as many students as possible. MEDICS had its first edition in 2016 and promises to become the most expected scientific event of the year.

2017 marks the 30th anniversary of our organisation. For three decades, the members of our organisation have participated in biomedical research and, at the same time, they brought it in front of their peers, to discuss and understand the topics they tackled. In this way, science reached the students and new ideas. With the help of our dedicated members, SOMS continues to grow and evolve, finding more and more ways to accomplish its mission.