FOCUS - Figuring out the cardiac ultrasound

Have you ever asked yourself how does your heart do that “lub-dub” dance? Or which medical conditions can be diagnosed using echocardiography?

Whether you are a 4th year medical student looking to better understand your Cardiology rotation, or a 5th or 6th year student wanting to brush up on some notions while preparing for the Residency Exam, our new workshop is the perfect place for you!

Spread over 2 days, the workshop will cover multiple topics: On the first day you will learn the theoretical aspects of the cardiac ultrasound: sound waves, basic echocardiography skills, different views (subxiphoid, parasternal), the meaning of the long and short axis. In these 2 hours you’ll be able to gain everything you need in order to take the next step: clinical cases. 

On the second day, you will have the opportunity to practice what you learned for 4 hours, by solving 30 clinical cases . All kinds of cardiac pathologies that you can think of and ever more.  

The workshop will be held by Dr. Robert Adam, cardiology resident doctor, Barts Heart Centre, London, UK. The official language of the workshop is Romanian.

Registration starts on Tuesday, November 17th, 8pm for Full and Associate SOMS Members. General registration strats on Wednesday. November 18th, 8pm.