Brain Awareness Week 2018

For the past years SOMS and SNN have partnered up to bring the fascinating world of neuroscience a bit closer to you. On the occasion of the Brain Awareness Week we welcome people of all ages and backgrounds to join us in our pursuit of understanding most complex  organ in the human body. In line with this year’s topic “Brain Technology – The quest for human enhancement”, find out about some of the biggest challenges that science is facing today and the recent technological breakthroughs which will help shed light on what had been uncertain before.

When biology meets technology, the result is just mind-blowing! 12-18 March 2018 is all about science: the regional FameLab competition, Virtual Reality Workshop and conferences tackling the topic of artificial intelligence are just some of the diverse activities that we have prepared for you.  

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Monday, 12 March

17:00 – Opening Ceremony @British Council (14 Calea Dorobanţilor, 010572, Bucureşti)

FameLab competition, check all the details and sign up here!

Tuesday, 13 March

17:30 – TIPS Neuro edition – More details here.

Wednesday, 14 March

15:00 – Neuroscience Lab Open Day – @Zagrean Neuroscience Lab, Faculty of Medicine

Virtual Reality Workshop – sign up here!

Thursday, 15 March

17:00 – BAW Keynote Lectures – Ioan Opris, PhD and Marius Leordeanu, PhD

NeuroMovieNight – Pizza & Popcorn included

Friday, 16 March

16:00 – Neuroscience lecture: Prof. Leon Zagrean, MD

From the Human Mind to Artificial Intelligence

G.E. Palade Amphitheatre, Faculty of Medicine

Opening Ceremony and FameLab Competition

FameLab Competition: Can you make anyone understand a scientific concept? Then FameLab might just be the thing for you!

Take 3 minutes to bring people closer to science and have the chance to win some amazing prizes and free access to MEDICS, in one of the world’s biggest science communication competitions, organized for you by BAW 2018, in partnership with British Council. Register on the official website until the 9th of March, then come and present your topic on Monday, 12th of March, at 17:00, at the regional heat of the contest (British Council Romania, @library, 14 Calea Dorobanților, sector 1). The winners will be invited to a two-day Communication Masterclass and will go further to the national phase.

Also, the best three contestants will win the following:

1st place: 80 EUR cash and a free pass to MEDICS2018

2nd place – 50 EUR

3rd place – 20 EUR


Dare to share! Find out more about the contest, how and who can apply by visiting the official page:

Open lab day & Virtual Reality Workshop

A tour of the Zagrean Neuroscience Lab will be supervised by Ana-Maria Zagrean, MD, PhD. Discover different people, projects, procedures and tricky insights from the lab members and why not even try out a few things yourself!

The world might be virtual, but the experience is as real as it can get! Navigate through virtual mazes and solve different tasks all that while wireless headset of electrodes is recording your brain activity. See for yourself how thoughts are encoded into brain waves and find out more about applications of Virtual Reality settings in Medicine. All the experiments are non-invasive, completely safe and fun! Mihai Moldovan, MD, PhD from University of Copenhagen will offer a brief introduction, after which participants will be able to experience VR on their own!

We are waiting for you at 15:00 on Wednesday afternoon, March 14th, at the Neuroscience Laboratory, first floor of Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy

Don’t miss the chance! Sign up here!

BAW Keynote Lectures & NeuroMovieNight

Marius Leordeanu, PhD – The Story Behind the Image: When Vision Meets Language

We humans, are very sensitive to visual stimuli. So it may come as no surprise that some big parts in our brain are dedicated to decoding light in order to “see”. Another important characteristic that makes us unique is the ability to communicate through language. But how do we do it? Find out what happens when vision meets language from Dr. Leordeanu. Be ready to be amazed on Thursday 15 March, at 17:00 in the Physiology Amphitheatre.


Ioan Opris, PhD – A memory prosthesis by closed-loop stimulation of hippocampal neurons in primate brain: From short-term memory facilitation to the transfer in long-term memory

From all you encounter how do you decide what to remember and store into long-term memory and what to forget? Ever wished you would be better at making this decision more efficient, easily remember important things and erase those bad days? Turns out, you could do that by using a memory prosthesis. All those apparently abstract notions are materialised into real networks in the brain and scientist have taken advantage of this. Find out more about this cutting-edge research  from Dr. Opris and his work with monkeys, on Thursday 15 March, at 18:00, in the Physiology Amphitheatre.

Movie night:

Nothing better after a hard working day than some popcorn and a good movie! AI has been a ever-present topic in cinematography, as people have challenged their imagination to predict the advancement of technology. And many times they did. But how will the world look in the not so far away future?

So stick around for a movie night to remember!

Yes, pizza & popcorn are included.