ABC of the ECG

Each time our heart beats, an electrical signal travels through it. How cool is that?

Want to improve your clinical skills by learning the ECG tracing? Or have you ever encountered difficulties in learning the ECG interpretation? 

Well, you’re not alone. Join our newest workshop, “ ABC OF THE ECG’, between the 18th and 20th of November, starting 5 PM along with our professional trainer, Adrian Buzea, M.D. at Colentina Hospital, for a better understanding of the ECG! The workshop will be held ONLINE. 

First things first. Knowing the basic parts of an ECG will lay a good foundation for everything else that is to come and will get you one step closer into discovering the mysteries behind every heartbeat.

The workshop is structured in 3 lessons, each taking place one day at a time, so that you can grasp a better understanding of the whole process. 

On your first day you will learn the physiological mechanism of a normal ECG tracing. 

The next two days aim to dig a little deeper into the pathology of an ECG tracing, by learning the basics of repolarization disorders (day 2) and arrhythmias (day 3). 

Full and Associate SOMS Members have a 24h booking priority. Registration for SOMS Full and Associate Members opens on Tuesday, 11th of November 2020, at 8 pm. 

Registration for non-members opens on Wednesday, 12th of  November 2020, 8 pm. 

Let’s PQRST together! We’re looking forward to working with you!